Objectives & ambition

REUNIR’s ultimate objective is to provide evidence-based policy recommendations to strengthen the foreign policy arsenal of the EU to support the countries of the Eastern neighbourhood and Western Balkans to withstand malign foreign influencing and stay the course on the European integration track. 

In scientific terms, REUNIR’s consortium of top research institutes will have a significant impact on driving forward the academic research agenda on the challenges faced by WB and EN countries and how to improve the EU enlargement and Eastern neighbourhood policies in a contested world in transition, enriching our understanding with its unique focus on the effects of the tried-and-tested concept of protean power, and innovative methodologies for foresight analysis and scenario-building.

In societal terms, REUNIR will actively rely on building a support base for the transformation of partner countries, both within the EU and outside of it (mainly Western Balkans & Eastern Neighbourhood). 

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